Who We Are

City Arts Founders

Isabel Carmona Andreu

An artist who enjoys sharing her skills with others and encouraging them to create art, in any shape or form

Claire Struthers-Semple

Passionate about the community and building interactions between people of different ages through art.

Both have lived locally for nearly 20 years.

City Arts Trustees

Diana Pattenden (Chair)

A sculptor passionate about the value of art as a means of expression and enjoyment.

Sharon Johnson (Treasurer)

Alison Martin (Secretary)

Susie Oates (Hub Supervisor)

Susie infuses her days with optimism and other than supervising our hub, she runs her own ceramic pots business.

Maria Lewis (Creative Arts Assistant and Volunteer)

Maria works and volunteers at the hub in various capacities, always happy to chat to customers and join in on all creative actitivies.


We have a team of regular volunteers that help us with events and specific tasks.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch.